Form a Group.

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With our Solar Group Buy program, we take care of the details and you save money by combining your buying power.

The Solar Group Buy Program

Why go solar alone? With our Solar Group Buy program, you can go solar as a group and earn some major savings in the process. Negotiating as a group gives you increased buying power, plus it lowers costs for the solar installers - a true win-win.

How does it work? You form a group - it can be your community, neighborhood, co-workers, or any group of like-minded individuals who are interested in going solar. We will meet with you to understand your group's specific priorities. We will then negotiate with multiple solar installers directly on your behalf to find the best deals available and help advise you on comparing the bids and selecting an installer.

Once you have selected an installer and secured a group discount, each member of the group can work with that installer to get a custom evaluation for their home and then make an individual decision whether to follow-through with a purchase.

What are the advantages of the Solar Group Buy Program?

  • Significant savings from increased buying power and lower costs to the installer
  • No need to deal with multiple sales calls
  • Greater confidence in your decision by working with an independent, unbiased adviser who can answer questions and help compare options
  • No haggling over pricing - it is pre-negotiated for the group
  • Participation in the program is free, with no obligation to make any purchase
  • Build camaraderie by going through the process with your neighbors, friends, or co-workers

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